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Non-alcoholic wine carefully crafted through an innovative dealcoholized process.


The Real Fun

The full-bodied wine for full-minded people

It's time to choose everything. The Real Fun is when you choose to enjoy today to the fullest, without sacrificing tomorrow. It's about saying goodbye to mixed feelings and hello to good memories.

  • Wine experience with 0% alcohol
  • Vegan & Gluten-Free
  • Forefront of high quality dealcoholized wine

Don’t just live the moment.

Own the moment.


Soft and lightly effervescent on the palate, with a delicate aroma of orange blossom and reinette apple leading to an exquistely citrusy finish.

  • Muscat de alejandría
  • Delicate floral (orange blossom) and fruit (reinette apple) aromas
  • Excellent as an aperitif, pair with fish, seafood and rice dishes
  • Vegan & Gluten-Free
  • Serve at 8–10°C

Every day is worth celebrating.

Cheers to being you.


Drink in the aroma of cherry and raspberry as our rosé richly coats your palate before resolving into a pleasantly fresh finish.

  • Syrah & cabernet sauvignon
  • Aromas of red fruits (cherry, raspberry) with subtle vegetable overtones
  • Pair with traditional Spanish tapas and cured meats, as well as vegetable & light pasta dishes
  • Vegan & Gluten-Free
  • Serve at 10°C
It’s always a good time to come together.
Tonight is yours. Tomorrow, too.
Now’s the moment to make memories.
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7:00 PM
10:00 AM

It’s always a good time to come together.

We put good times in a bottle and they’re yours to enjoy, whether on your lunch break, at apero time or when reconnecting with old friends.

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Tonight is yours. Tomorrow, too.

It could be dinner on a Tuesday, a terrace party with the girls or an afterwork treat. Every moment with friends deserves a toast.

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Now’s the moment to make memories.

Whether its brunch, a Sunday picnic or getting ready for your sister’s wedding, it’s always the right time to celebrate.

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You love to sea it

Your afterwork get together will feel like a beachside getaway when you share a glass of our citrusy white wine paired with fish or seafood dishes.

Best paired with BFFs

Turn any moment with friends into a celebration at the speed of uncorking a bottle. Make it feel like a Mediterranean vacation when you serve our rosé alongside chorizo or jamón ibérico.