Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ohla?
Ohla is a premium non-alcoholic wine specially created to allow you to enjoy each moment without restrictions.
How is it made?
We produce an aromatic wine using the classic winemaking method, which involves harvesting the grapes and fermenting them in stainless-steel vats under temperature control. We then use industrial equipment and processing techniques to remove its alcohol content.
Is non-alcoholic wine not simply must?
No. Must is freshly pressed grape juice, whereas non-alcoholic wine is made by taking fine wine and removing the alcohol.
If wine doesn't contain alcohol, is it even wine?
Like all wines, it is wine. The absence of alcohol is the only difference.
It is also described as a vegan wine. Why so?
Vegan refers to products made without ingredients derived from animals. This applies throughout our entire winemaking process, not just our use of fining agents.