Mediterranean views

Our philosophy

Each day is worth celebrating!

Greetings from the

When we share a glass of Ohla! with you, we want you to taste the Mediterranean way of life. Because Ohla! is a greeting, it's opening the door and inviting everyone in. That spirit of warmth is how we approach everything in life—being open to meaningful conversations, getting the moment just right and handling the unexpected with optimism. Our passion is making sure every day is balanced and every occasion is yours to enjoy to the fullest.

That's what we call the Real Fun, and it starts when you own the moment. You deserve to be your most authentic self amongst family members, friends and whoever else raises a glass with you to say “cheers.” Ohla! is for making genuine connections and great memories.

Mediterranean views

Who we are

We're balance seekers, travelers, lovers and lifelong learners. We have a passion for tradition, but we're not afraid to break the rules. We believe every moment we spend together is worth celebrating.

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Our process

We turn grapes into magic, with an extra touch of balance.

Our wines are crafted following traditional methods of the region, harvesting the finest grapes for fermentation in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperatures.

What takes our process to the next level is our purely physical dealcoholization method, which eliminates the alcohol content from our wines.

Our process